Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring delicacies

Last weekend I got hold of two wonderful spring treats: fiddlehead ferns and fresh porcini mushrooms. They were both at Madison's at Findlay Market. The fiddleheads are especially hard to come by and are only available for a few weeks in the spring. Brian Madison told me the ones he has now are from Portland -- didn't say if it was Oregon or Maine. Nonetheless, they are delicious to add to almost any vegetable saute, or saute on their own with a few seasonings as their own little adornment to your dinner plate.
The top photo is of the delicacies themselves.
The next series is what I did with mine -- sauteed with chopped fennel bulb, leeks, red and yellow bell pepper, porcini mushrooms and garlic. I served it with a side of rice and mushrooms.

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