Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World's Best White Wines

With warmer weather on the horizon, I'll be more likely to mix in a fair number of white wines with the healthy reds.
What are your favorite white wines?
I tend toward New Zealand sauvignon blanc, white Burgundy, and a few oddball choices like Argentina's torrontes and Oregon pinot gris.
Food & Wine has a feature on their website about the world's best white wine regions. It includes New Zealand (the photo is of Cloudy Bay vineyards in the Marlborough region) and Burgundy, but also the rieslings of Mosel, Germany, France's Loire Valley for its chenin blancs and Fruili in Italy for superior pinot grigio.
The website includes suggested specific bottlings as well as tips for pairing food with each of these types of wine.
Ah, what a great way to welcome spring -- and summer!

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