Friday, July 1, 2011

Have a little bubble with your rose wine?

Yes, rose is a fine summer choice, whether still or sparkling.

Here's an excerpt from a recent piece in the LA Times about a variety of sparkling roses now in the market. Most of them go for $15-$20 a bottle, although a few can be had for as little as $12. Click here to read the entire article, and to see the author's list, which includes:

Nonvintage Louis Bouillot Crémant "Perle d'Aurore" Brut Rosé
NV Lucien Albrecht Crémant d'Alsace Rosé (sold at many Whole Foods stores)
2009 Luís Pato Casta Baga
2007 Raventós i Blanc Cava de Nit Brut Rosé

"If you believe as I do that more than any other type of wine, rosé is a mood, then your average sparkling rosé represents a very good mood indeed.

"Sparkling rosés are part of an ever-growing class of wines in pursuit of a cheery disposition, seizing on the built-in appeal of pink and adding the incomparable pleasure of effervescence, which can't help but brighten an already sunny experience. Like still rosés, a sparkling rosé aims to please rather than transport. So leave the cerebral whites in the cellar until Labor Day, off the more ponderous reds until the next equinox. For a summer afternoon, for any party involving a grill, a picnic basket, a pool or a cabana, pink fizz is the way to go."
  SOURCE: Los Angeles Times

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