Sunday, August 28, 2011

Local 127 worth a visit -- whether you like the Wades or not!

Steve Geddes (R) is Chef
People in this town need to put aside their emotions over the Wade/de Cavel feud and realize that Local 127 is one of the city's best restaurants. 
Steve Geddes is the only master sommelier in the state of Ohio who is also a working chef, and his talents are on full and delicious display at the restaurant's new location on Vine Street. The move from the less than perfect space that was Pigall's over to the former Jean-Ro Bistro on Vine Street downtown. The new address is just a block off Fountain Square and much more central to the pulse of the city. And the dining rooms and bar area match the more upscale-casual spirit of Local 127 far better than the formal feel of the 4th Street location ever did.

Last Friday night my friend and I had the most marvelous dinner at the new locale, as well as an interesting chat with Chef Geddes. He says they've been thrilled with the public reception of the reincarnation of his restaurant, even though the word is slowly circulating that they're not still on 4th Street.
I've always loved his cooking, not only because of the locally sourced ingredients -- thus the restaurant's name -- but also thanks to his deft hand with contrasting textures and complementary flavors in virtually every dish coming out of the kitchen. Our experience the other night was more of the same great stuff. Even the post-entree cheese plate was an exceptional blend of three interesting cheeses, each accompanied by different (and perfectly selected) garnishes.
His extensive knowledge and training in wine is another plus here. The wine list is full of adventurous, unusual options, and the craft cocktail expertise of the bartenders adds to the experience as well.
If you haven't tried Local 127 in awhile -- or ever -- now is a perfect time to get acquainted!

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