Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best cocktails in town?

I definitely have a few favorite bartenders, and cocktails. Some of the best are:

--Molly Wellman at Japp's (and a bourbon bar in Covington KY), OTR
Molly Wellman, Japp's

--Rommel Wells at Rookwood Restaurant, Mt. Adams
Rommel Wells, Rookwood

--Nikki at La Poste, Clifton
Nikki, La Poste

--Whoever's behind the bar, Bakersfield, OTR

--The folks at Local 127, downtown

Of late, I've been especially wowed by the craft cocktails at Bakersfield. You have to ask for the cocktail list; otherwise, the menu includes only margaritas (boring, sugar-laden drinks, IMHO) and sangria. One of their standards is a spicy bourbon concoction called the "Red-headed Stranger," which stays on the cocktail list everlastingly. And we can all be grateful for that. Among the newer offerings is a delicious, tequila-based delight called "The Drifter."
Up at Rookwood, the house made tonic is usually available to brighten up your gin, and there's often house made ginger beer or ginger ale.
I haven't tried the bar at the new Metropole, downtown -- or the restaurant, for that matter. I'm betting it's going to jump right onto my list of Cincinnati's great places to imbibe.

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