Sunday, November 11, 2012

What's STILL at the farm markets....

If you've stopped visiting your local farmer's market(s) for the season, you're missing out on some great produce, baked goods, non-industrial eggs, poultry and meat -- just to name a few!
Cincinnati's historic Findlay Market in the middle of a 'hood known as Over-the-Rhine is always part of my my Saturday morning routine, year round.
Here are photos taken 11/10/12 of what the local farmers and bakers are selling. The weekend before Thanksgiving will bring in huge crowds -- what better place to get fresh (not frozen) turkey, Eckerlin's terrific fresh cranberry salad, fabulous pies of every variety, and a cheese platter to die for?

Persimmons--they grow wild here!

Hothouse tomatoes still available

Blue Oven Bakery--come early if you want some!

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