Sunday, January 27, 2013

Battle of the Bulge.....continued (ad infinitum)

And ad nauseum!
I'm so tired of my everlasting, never-ending obsession with weight, and I know that I'm not alone. If you're female, you probably have the same nagging voice that won't go away, saying that you just don't live up to our cultural norms for slenderness and beauty.
It's insane, but I am a prisoner of the skinny-girl ideal -- at my age! (Suffice to say, I'm way past the age when this really should matter.)
But this rant is probably just a rebellion against my current self-imposed two-week, write-it-down diet. I've made it almost through week #1, and most of the time I've been sick with a virus that's either a bad cold or a mild case of flu. I've been eating about 1500 calories a day, on average, and have lost a pound or two.
Pardon my really don't want to read a page of complaints.

Do I have anything useful to impart today, something that might help a reader who's also stuck in this weight-loss loop and sincerely wants to be healthier and slimmer, while also enjoying life -- and enjoying food?

(After all, the theme of my blog is: we CAN do both -- be fit and healthy while being out-and-out foodies, too.)

1. Eat lots of soup this time of year. It's comforting, warm food, and if you avoid cream-based concoctions, it's healthy.
2. Snack on tropical fruits -- such as papayas (if you can find them), mangoes, pineapple and kiwi, which are in season now. Like all fruits, they're loaded with vitamins and fiber, and they also happen to be delicious.
3. While you're at it, chow down on citrus fruits--also at the peak of their season. Little clementines are super easy to peel and eat, and they have almost zero calories.
4. Get up and move around -- I mean, on top of any actual exercise you do in a day. Walk up and down a flight of stairs, sweep the kitchen floor, empty your trash cans -- anything but sit still, which is about the worst thing for us.
5. Avoid eating anything that looks like this....or you'll look like this GUY!

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