Sunday, January 20, 2013

Heeding my own advice (and others')

It's most of the way through January and I've not shed any holiday weight.
Write down what you eat!
This is annoying!
So here I write all this good advice about weight control but I'm not really heeding it.
The #1 best thing you (I) can do to lose weight and/or maintain a desired level of poundage is to keep a food diary. Scroll down a few posts and you'll read that sterling piece of advice from yours truly earlier this month.
But I've been lazy and in denial about doing that which I know will make my morning weigh-ins a lot happier.
OK, for real: starting tomorrow, I'm keeping a food diary -- with a goal of consuming about 1500 calories per day -- for the next two weeks. Saturdays off. That by itself should get me back to where I want to be. Not hard!
I have no excuses for going this far into the New Year without heeding my own advice -- not to mention this same advice from many other health experts.
This is it!

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