Sunday, April 28, 2013

Foodie Destination Murphin Ridge Inn has changed hands

Murphin Ridge Inn, Adams Co OH
Fans of this wonderful, rural getaway an hour's drive east of Cincinnati know that owners Darryl and Sherry McKenney have had their 10-room, 9-cabin luxury inn on the market for a couple of years, at least. Well, they finally found the right buyers. Paula and Jerry Schutt have officially taken the reins this weekend -- April 27-28 -- and the truly beloved Darryl and Sherry have retired and moved on to be with their far-flung children and grandchildren. They've owned the place for almost 16 years--a time that saw significant expansion (adding the beautiful cabins to complement the 10-room guest house) and improvements.

We spent the last weekend of April at the Inn, in part because we wanted to check out the first ever "Spring into Spring in Adams Country" arts and crafts fair held on Saturday. By luck, it was the McKenneys' last weekend, so we got to participate in wishing them well.
The new owners are keeping things the same, for now, and retaining the entire staff, including chef and sous-chef. (Murphin Ridge initially got on my own radar because of its notable contributions to the foodie world, but we came to love it for so many more, non-food reasons!)
Sherry and Josh, departing owners

My next post will tell about the arts and craft fair, the meals we had at the inn as well as all those other reasons that you probably would love this place, too.

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