Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Tried Barrio (Tacqueria)

Barrio is the latest tacqueria in what's become our city's taco-land: Northside. Compared to the slightly more upscale Django and the decidedly downscale Tacocracy, Barrio falls somewhere in between. Django has a wider range of menu choices since they've added a few entrees; Tacocracy is a hole-in-the-wall that doesn't have the interesting tequilas and tequila drinks of Barrio. (In fact, Barrio wins hands-down IMHO over Django in its bar offerings, as well.)
Barrio tacos

My husband and I had a nice chat with Barrio's owner, Gary Sims, a Cincinnati native who spent a couple of decades in the film industry of SoCal before finding his way back east. He's been open for about a month and is still, of course, getting the kinks out of the operation. For instance, although they offer dozens of tequilas, they've had problems procuring mezcal, which is listed as a main ingredient in some interesting cocktails (but which they can't make right now).
Owner Gary Sims (with his taco truck)

We enjoyed the limited menu -- chips with dips, a few other appetizers and salads, burritos and tacos -- and found a couple of good tequila drinks with ingredients they did have on hand.
The space is large, but broken into more intimate areas. The bar room itself seems quite inviting. There's also a large, shaded patio -- not open yet but just about ready to go. The "grand opening" of the outdoor space is set for May 3rd, when Barrio will be hosting a 3-day Cinco de Mayo party, with live music every night starting at 9 PM.
If you make it there, be sure to check out the art (which is for sale) on the walls. That plus other decor gives Barrio a cool factor the other tacos spots can't quite match. At least, in my opinion!

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