Monday, January 25, 2010

Dinner at Bonefish Grill

This joint is always jumpin'--and we can see why. The place has a convivial, welcoming feel, the prices are reasonable for what you get, and the food seems to please a wide variety of people. Even though it's a fish house, we know people who swear by some of their meat dishes.

For the healthy foodie, the seafood fills the bill just fine, though. The best bet on the menu for healthy options is the grilled fish section, where you select from a daily catch of 6-7 types of fish. To go with it, choose one of the sauces--most of which have healthful ingredients--and one side dish.

On our last visit a few days ago, we strayed from that section. My husband ordered a grouper special (top photo) and I had the ahi tuna with sticky rice and sauteed Asian veggies. We each had a glass of wine with dinner (after cocktails at the bar on our way in). The wine by the glass prices are a little high, but at least they give customers a generous pour.

Our friend Susan Howell was along that evening, but I didn't photograph her dinner for reasons I can't recall. I do remember that she took half of her tilapia home. Forgive my memory lapse, Susan!

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