Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is snacking bad?

There is some controversy about whether we should snack between meals, but the consensus seems to boil down to: snacking is inevitable, so strive to make healthy choices.
The key to living up to that goal rests on having those healthy snacks at hand. If you go to work, let's say, without having packed a few good-for-you noshes, you're likely to succumb to the lure of vending machines or your coworkers' offers of cookies and candies.
I stock my office with non-perishable snack foods such as high-fiber, low-sugar cereal bars, a couple of apples or tangerines ("Clementines" last for days without being refrigerated and are very easy to eat), and perhaps trail mix or nuts. If you have a fridge handy, individual servings of yogurt are great to have nearby, too.
The Mayo Clinic has a helpful list of 100-calorie snacks, many of which are completely portable.


  1. Which high-fiber, low-sugar cereal bars do you recommend? ~Kris

  2. Kellogg's Fiber Plus has the best nutritional profile along with good taste. I like the dark chocolate almond flavor. Thanks for asking!