Saturday, January 16, 2010

Specials at Mitchell's Fish Market

If you want a healthy meal before or after the movies at Newport on the Levee -- or at any of the seafood chain's 16 other locations -- Mitchell's Fish Market is your best choice. (My last name is Mitchell, but I have no connection.) In addition to an extensive regular menu, daily and weekly specials provide plenty of options. The $19.95, three-course special is hard to beat. Although we didn't see it on the weekend menu, our server was happy to offer this special when we asked. You get a choice of a house or caesar salad, one of three seafood entrees, and a dessert.
I took the deal, and picked the house salad, grilled steelhead (somewhere between salmon and trout) with potatoes and asparagus, and creme brulee.
My husband had a salmon special (also pictured) that was accompanied with sticky rice and steamed Asian veggies.
We like their cocktail, beer and wine choices, too.

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