Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What you (we) can do to change our food system

Instead of only bemoaning our nation's obesity epidemic and food-safety lapses, here are some actions you/we can take to improve things -- however incrementally.

1. Stop drinking sodas and other sweetened beverages
2. Eat (and cook) at home instead of eating out
3. Go meatless one day a week
4. Support family farms by shopping at farmers' markets, in season (from about April through November, in Cincinnati)

5. Know where your food comes from (read labels), and shop at grocers who label the origin of foods.

These are adapted from the list on the website for the movie, "Food, Inc."


  1. I agree with all those points Pama! We already go meatless a few times a week - but still have an abundance of fish around these parts to plough through. Do you belong to SlowFood? I think the Chapter in Cincy is up and running. You would love their ethos - and they would love yours!

  2. No I don't know about a local chapter of Slow Food, but I ought to look into it. I am on the newly formed board of advisors for the Ohio Valley Farm Project, a group of locavores who are trying to spread the word about all these good things. Our first meeting is next week. I'll ask them about the Slow Food chapter because surely someone there will know of it.