Friday, January 29, 2010

Sausages made with duck, bison or lamb -- sauteed with onions and peppers

Sausages may not be the healthiest foods in the world, but when they are handmade by local experts who have been doing it for well over 30 years, they may have a place on the healthy foodie's table -- at least, once in awhile. Kroeger & Sons Meats in the Market House at Findlay Market showcase an amazing array of interesting meats along with the homemade sausages, including cuts of veal, pork and lamb that aren't that easy to find.
What's caught my eye there in recent weeks are their sausages made not with pork or even chicken, but tasty ones based on lamb, bison, and even duck. (That last one is only occasionally available, I'm told.)
The pictured dish is sauteed bison and duck sausages with strips of red bell pepper and thinly sliced onion. The preparation couldn't be simpler. Note that with these lower fat meats you need to add some canola oil to the pan, or the dish will turn out too dry.

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  1. Love love love those sausages and miss them soooo much. Ron used to buy their baby back ribs aswell - best ribs in town. Great piece!