Saturday, September 4, 2010

Scenes from our nation's capital

I haven't photographed food in days, which is kind of weird. Tonight we're eating at Wolfgang Puck's place in the Newseum, supposed to be pretty darn fabulous, so I'll write about that (with pix) for sure.

Last night we whooped it up at POV, the outdoor bar/lounge overlooking the White House in the W Hotel (used to be the Hotel Washington). Seriously good cocktails; loved their negroni.

But for now, here are a couple of sightseeing shots. The one that's hard to decipher is from the Newseum's terrific 9/11 exhibit....showing a wall of front pages from news coverage around the world, and the metal thing is part of the broodcast antenna that was atop one of the twin towers.

The video featuring eyewitness accounts from journalists who were on the scene that day is very moving.

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