Friday, September 24, 2010

Wine Lovers, Rejoice

Two new wine-oriented restaurants will be opening soon -- by the middle of October -- in our city. Yay!
The most promising is around the corner from the Esquire Theater in Clifton and replaces the departed (and missed) Tink's on Telford. La Poste will have a separate wine room (top photo) and I'm hoping they'll bring in some interesting and different wines. Open for dinner beginning October 4th, with lunch to follow a month or so later.
There's also a new wine store/bar/restaurant called Wine Guys (bottom photo) coming in next to the Starbucks in Rookwood Pavilion, Hyde Park/Norwood. It's a Columbus (OH) based small chain. While I do like the idea of a retail store with a wine bar -- one offering wine flights -- the list they've posted on the window is filled with commonly available wines. There's nothing unusual or adventurous, although the wines they've listed are OK.
Overall though, these are welcome developments.

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