Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Washington and Oregon Wines

The Wine Merchant in Hyde Park is featuring Northwest wines this month -- those from Washington and Oregon. You can try a number of them at their taste-bef0re-you-buy wine bar. It's a fun place where the staff pours generous tastes in good quality glassware.
On my recent visit, there were a couple of good Oregon Pinot Noirs, a Pinot Gris (also from Oregon) and then several whites and reds from Washington.
I'm less familiar with those, which is why I made sure to get by before the month was out.
They had a merlot or two, a couple of red blends and a white blend as well as a chardonnay, all from Washington.
Officially you'll pay 50 cents per taste, but that cost can be applied to any purchases you may make.
I know it's almost the end of September, but I'm pretty sure they'll carry some of these into the beginning of October.
Check it out!

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