Monday, August 13, 2012

Fast-Food Items to Avoid AT ALL TIMES!

Yes we know that the fast-food joints serve stuff that is mostly bad for us, although there are exceptions if you look hard enough.
Five Guys Fries

Salads, yogurt parfaits, McMuffins and a few other things tend to have not-horrible nutritional profiles -- but to tell you the truth, I pretty much avoid all fast-food restaurants and can count on one hand the times in my entire life that I've eaten a meal at McDonald's. That's a weird way to be in our modern culture, I understand, and it's not at all realistic to assume that most people can or will eat that way.
However, you can at least steer clear of the really BAD choices at your local drive-through or sub shop.
From a frequent reader, here is a list of what they call "disturbingly unhealthy" options that should be avoided:

1. Carl's Junior Double Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger
2. Foot-long Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt (Subway)
3. Beef Taco Salad (Q'doba)
4. Large French Fried at Five Guys
5. Monster Thickburger, Hardee's
6. Burger King's Triple Whopper with Cheese
Triple whopper with cheese

Click here to read the (scary) nutritional profile of these "treats."

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