Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wide world of eating disorders -- and drug-free ways to boost mental health

We're familiar with anorexia,  bulimia, and perhaps binge eating, but one of my readers shared an article about several other, lesser known but well documented eating disorders.

They range from people who have cravings for odd and unusual foods (technical name: Pica eating disorder) to those who binges that occur when someone is in a dreamlike state and doesn't realize she/he is eating (trance eating) and orthorexia, a condition that causes one to obsessively avoid foods that are good for you and purposely deprive themselves of vitamins and other essential nutrients.
These and others are grouped together by the American Psychiatric Association as Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified.
Who knew?
To read about these and the other unusual ailments that can come between a person and a healthy relationship with food, click here.

Socializing can chase the mental demons away

Another reader sent me info about reliable ways to improve our mental health, without drugs. I've been feeling blue myself lately (grieving the loss of my mother), and welcome these ideas. Although these are remedies most of us probably know will help, it doesn't hurt to get this reminder:
1. Exercise (a daily requirement in my life)
2. Meditation
3. Aromatherapy
4. Journaling (does blogging count?) :-)
5. Stretching (I would put yoga in this category)
6. Massage therapy
7. Travel (often works for me)

Click here to read the reasons why each of these activities can boost our mood significantly.

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