Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Eats: Dutch's Larder

I wouldn't have known about this deli/bar/gourmet food/wine shop if my friend Beth hadn't happened upon it and raved about the quality of the food that Dutch's Larder has been producing for the past few months.
It used to be a beer joint and package store -- and in part it still is. This year they took over the space next door that had been a Starbucks and expanded into a wine and gourmet food store along with a deli.
Dutch's Larder

The main deli case

When another friend who lives in Hyde Park suggested we meet for lunch, I said let's try Dutch's.
It's not a restaurant, per se, and indoor seating is limited in the deli area. But as long as the weather stays nice -- a few more months, we can hope -- you can have a pleasant experience at their outdoor patio, in back. 
On the patio

The deli offers a menu of salads, soups, "snacks" and sandwiches. Of the three of us, our light eater had a bowl of tomato soup ("delicious") while the others tried various sandwiches. My smoked chicken with avocado spread, sliced tomato, marinated cabbage and a little bit of bacon was excellent. I'd have a hard time not ordering that again, it was so good.

We also had a glass of wine with lunch from a short but varied list that included a Cava (Spanish sparkler), one rose and about 5-6 each of white and red wine. 
After lunch, I shopped a little and brought home a few gourmet treats, including a pint of (frozen) lobster stock that I don't know what to do with, but am not worried because there are many options. 
Smoked Chicken Sandwich

The location (fairly far from my home or work) will make it hard for me to become a regular at Dutch's, but if your orbit takes you in the Mt. Lookout/Hyde Park area, definitely check the place out. 

As of now, they don't have a website, but you can find Dutch's Larder on Facebook.

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