Friday, August 24, 2012

MORE benefits of drinking alcohol

Anyone who's read this blog for a while knows that I'm a fan of many alcoholic beverages, especially wine and some cocktails. Even though one of my "healthy foodie rules" is to MINIMIZE LIQUID CALORIES (for weight control purposes, obviously), I usually manage to include something alcoholic in my day's calorie count. Exceptions would be when I've let a couple of pounds slip on and I need to lose them; sometimes alcoholic beverages are relatively easy calories to forego.
I can't claim that I drink for health reasons, but it's a nice justification to learn that alcohol does have positive health outcomes.
A reader sent a link to this story: "7 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Alcohol." Click on the title to read the whole piece. Here is the basic list:
1. Lowers "bad" cholesterol
2. Reduces the risk of developing diabetes
3.  Builds brain power
4. Prevents gallstones
5. Controls weight 
6. Reduces tumors
7. Strengthens bones


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