Sunday, September 1, 2013

Restaurant Review: Local 127

If you haven’t eaten at Steve Geddes’s downtown restaurant, Local 127, recently – or at all – you need to remedy that.  As you may know, Geddes is the ONLY head chef in America who is also a master sommelier. While his wine savvy thus is terrific – even the short by-the-glass list is incredibly thoughtful and fairly eccentric—it’s his deft cooking that keeps me coming back.

Truth be told however, we had somehow let a year or more go by since our last visit.  And I’m happy to report that his kitchen is still firing on all cylinders. While you definitely can get some relatively indulgent dishes here – such as the deliciously rich “Porkopolis” entrée – my husband and I had no problem enjoying a healthy-foodie meal. That is, pretty guilt free and at the same time, yummy.

If you're interested in a drink before dinner, the choices here are excellent. Along with the aforementioned wines, there's also about a dozen beers on tap -- including some adventurous, unusual choices along with a couple of more common ones -- and a lovely reminder of the cocktail b lounge that used to be next door to Local 127 before it moved to this location. That is, a short list of classic, carefully crafted cocktails. I had one of my favorites, the Liberal Liberal (bourbon, high end sweet vermouth, Campari and bitters) -- not that different from the Manhattan I can make at home but somehow much better.
My cocktail & his beer @ Local 127
Open for dinner, Monday - Saturday
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Menu highlights include White Onion Soup and a Bibb-lettuce Waldorf Salad with roasted hazelnuts -- our healthier choices. There's also a roasted beet salad with goat cheese and bacon, smoked trout, potato skins and wings -- none of which will remind you at all of skins or wings you've had in most restaurants. Appetizer prices range from $9-$13.
Our entrees were even tastier -- I had the chicken as I often do here because Steve just has a way with chicken. The menu describes the dish as "Chicken Breast, napa cabbage, mushrooms, mustard sauce" but doesn't begin to approximate the range of flavors and textures in this dish. One of the best things about Steve's cooking, to me, is the way every dish has an element of crunch. Toasted bread crumbs is what I think gave this chicken its crunch but in any case the total effect was marvelous.
George loved his sea scallops -- pictured in the background -- which are always on the menu here, just with varying preps. 
Chicken, and Scallops Entrees
We opted out of dessert, but I've had the panna cotta and loved it before. And I've also ordered the well designed cheese plate as a dessert. Entrees cost $14 (a burger) - $28 (striped bass), with most in the $22-$24 range. Desserts are $11-$13.
It's not an inexpensive night out, but once in a while, it's sure worth considering!

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