Thursday, September 5, 2013

Toxins -- such as arsenic -- in our foods

This potentially scary problem is just now getting on my radar: the alarming rise in measured levels of arsenic and other toxins in the U.S. food supply.  Discover Magazine's current issue features a cover story on the hard-to-explain spike in such contaminants.
Apparently, rice and rice products have tested with the highest levels of arsenic, but Discover reports similar findings in, of all things, baby formula. Along with rice, another type of food likely to be contaminated beyond trace levels with arsenic are some types of juice, especially grape juice.
Here's a link to Discover, although it's one of those magazines that only lets subscribers read entire articles online. And here's what Web MD says about the risks of too much arsenic in our diets (bottom line: if your kids drink a lot of juice, dial it back -- a good idea anyway since juice is just sugar, in the opinion of this healthy foodie). 
I found this infographic about arsenic:

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