Friday, March 21, 2014

Road trip: Atlanta and Savannah GA (Part 1)

For a spring break trip -- I am a college professor by day -- we spent three nights in Atlanta and two in Savannah. For starters, Atlanta.......
We stayed at a Westin in Buckhead (an in-city neighborhood), a convenient location and nice hotel.
First night in, we met friends at F & B Atlanta ("A rustic neighborhood bistro"), which was recommended to us by a foodie friend who lives in the metro area. It was a delightful restaurant that we all loved. It's French, with a pedigree leading back to when Maguy le Coze (of the fabulous New York City seafood mecca, Le Bernardin) opened an outpost in Atlanta called Brasserie le Coze. F & B is basically the third iteration of that restaurant -- authentic, relatively casual French food with a lovely wine list and very good bar drinks.
Veal Cheeks, F & B Atlanta

Perhaps the best single dish I had in Atlanta was the first thing I ate at F & B: Braised Harris Ranch Veal Cheeks with sauteed brussels sprouts and soft mushroom polenta. It was so filling and satisfying that I couldn't add a full entree to my meal, so I followed it with a second appetizer of Steamed Jumbo Asparagus with crabmeat and bernaise sauce....very rich, and plenty of food between the two dishes. I had a Bordeaux with the veal and a wonderful white Burgundy with the asparagus/crab.
Asparagus, crabmeat, Bernaise sauce F & B
 More coming soon.........

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