Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wine and Food Pairings: A few useful guidelines

Wine is a health food (as we know), at least in moderation.
But which wines go best with which foods? Red with meat and white with fish just doesn't go anywhere near far enough.
So here are some guidelines, courtesy of Food and Wine Magazine:

1. Champagne (and other dry sparkling wines) goes with almost anything.
2. Sauvignon Blanc (my personal favorite white wine varietal) pairs especially well with lemony, citrusy foods and sauces. Maybe that's why it goes so well with most seafood preparations, as fish and shellfish usually are improved by a splash of citrus.
3. Chardonnay is the best choice, among white wines at least, if you're serving fish with creamy sauces, or fatty fish such as salmon.
4. Pinot noir and earthy dishes are matches made in heaven. Think mushrooms, onions, and/or garlic -- with or without poultry or meat.
5. Match old world wines with old world dishes. Pastas with tomato sauces should be terrific with Italian reds.

To read more (15 pairing tips in all), click here.

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