Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another marvelous summer meal

This meal is based on three delicious cheeses purchased at Findlay Market last Saturday. The cheeses, at the top of the photo and starting with the one nearest the camera, are Humbolt Fog (a goat cheese with two textures--creamy on the exterior and crumbly in the middle); behind it is a Brie with walnuts; to the left of that is one of my favorite blue cheeses, because it is less salty than most, the hard-to-find Ferme d'Ambert.

We had only a quarter-pound of each, and some leftover at the end of the meal. This is indulgent, full-fat stuff, so healthy foodies should eat these in careful moderation. But they are so, so yummy!

To go with the cheeses, I laid out chunks of the freshest tomatoes (with high quality balsamic vinegar for drizzling), dried and fresh fruits including cherries, golden kiwi and dried figs, candied walnuts, truffled honey (a treat brought back from Italy) to drizzle on the cheese, thick slices of whole-grain bread (not pictured), and in the foreground, the one hot dish of the meal. It's Swiss chard sauteed with onion, mushrooms and a little red bell pepper.

To drink, I put out Riesling and dry, Amontillado sherry.

This was a terrific repast!

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