Thursday, July 16, 2009

Northside Farmers Market -- Expanded and Improved

The Northside Farmers Market used to be crammed into a small parking lot on Hamilton Avenue across from Melt and the Northside Tavern. Parking was impossible and it was hot and full of car fumes there.

This year, however, the market has moved to Hoffner Park, which is just off Hamilton Ave. (take a left on Hoffner St.) as you enter Northside from Clifton. The location is a huge improvement. Vendors now are comfortably spread out, there are benches and even shady spots where you can relax while you shop, and many more vendors usually come to this great location.

My favorite find so far is some wonderful watermelon gazpacho--look for a tent near the entrance where they are giving out samples of their many vegan and vegetarian goodies. (I did not get the name of the vendors, sorry!)

The offerings are likely to expand even more as the growing season hits its full stride in the next few weeks. The market is every Wednesday from 4 - 7:30 PM.

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