Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A blog for food lovers -- who also are health nuts!

Hello, health-oriented foodies!
Along with my friend, Dr. Mary Ann Barnes, I have been writing a column under the pen-name Healthy Foodie for Whole Living Journal (a Cincinnati based, bi-monthly magazine) since 2003. Mary Ann and I also have a website, www.healthyfoodie.com.
We both believe that you can live a life that's dedicated to pleasure and also to health--at the same time. We love to cook, eat, travel, drink wine, garden and spend as much time outdoors as possible.
Mary Ann stays trim in part through her devotion to vegetarian eating. I'm not vegetarian, but I am a dedicated gym-rat and have been for many years.
My favorite cuisine comes from southern France and central Italy--the food of Provence, Nice and Tuscany. After visits to this part of the world, I've tried to duplicate some of the flavors I've enjoyed there. My favorite foods from that region -- and favorites overall -- include fennel, arugula, saffron, tomatoes, bean soups and stews, tuna and of course pasta and olive oil.

Please post your own recipes, healthy eating tips, travel stories and whatever else you would like to on this site.

Pama Mitchell
Cincinnati OH

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  1. Wow, those are very healthy. They said that what we eat, reflects on our body.