Sunday, July 12, 2009

Farmers Markets -- Findlay on Saturday

The peak of summer's growing season has arrived, so make time in your schedule for visits to farm stands or farm markets for some of the best food you can buy.

Here's a shot of Findlay Market, downtown, taken yesterday morning. I go every Saturday unless we are out of town, and I go early--mostly to avoid the parking lot chaos of later in the day. My husband likes it at noontime, where he eats lunch, talks with the many people he knows who also make Findlay a Saturday lunch destination, and partakes of the wine tasting at Market Wines (a mere $3 for 4 wines).

This time of year, my interest is a cook's interest: great, ultra-fresh, locally grown or produced food. You haven't tasted tomato, or corn, until you try these veggies from a nearby farmer. Also at the market: Blue Oven Breads, artisan loaves in about 10 different varieties; locally produced, grass-fed bison meat, chickens and their eggs, pork and lamb; fresh baked goods ranging from rustic fruit tarts to coffee cakes, full size pies, cookies of all kinds....and lots more.

If downtown Cincinnati is not your scene, I'm sure there are farm-fresh products available closer to your home. Seek them out!

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