Thursday, August 27, 2009

Findlay Market Vendor: Nancy of Shady Grove Farm

Here's a great reason to head to Findlay Market on Saturday morning: that's where you'll see Nancy Ogg, who has owned a 100-acre farm in Corinth KY since 1988. She's one of the most reliable mainstays at the farmers shed at our beloved Findlay Market, where Nancy has been coming for 14 seasons. Her Shady Grove Farm produces a wide variety of vegetables and herbs, including wonderful cherry tomatoes of many colors; tiny, baby squash (not producing right now, though); hot peppers; baby eggplant in several varieties; Swiss chard; and a whole array of plentiful herbs. She probably has more than I've listed here, too.

Look for Nancy in the first farm booth on the right as you leave the main market building and head for the farmers shed.

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