Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lunch at Tink's on Telford

On this rainy Tuesday, I took my mom to Tink's (3410 Telford Street) in our neighbordhood, Clifton.

She had the crabcake (L) with soy-glazed lo mein, wilted greems, sweet Thai chili sauce and roasted sesame ($10). We've always liked the crabcakes at both Tink's and Vineyard--they have a crispy exterior and creamy insides.

I tried the grilled eggplant (R) with herbed risotto, tomato reduction and whipped ricotta cream ($10). That last ingredient took the dish out of the realm of "light and healthy," whici is how I usually like to eat. But it wasn't too far over the line!

We are grateful for Tink's, the one upscale restaurant in the Ludlow-Gaslight district.

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