Thursday, August 13, 2009

Healthy eating on the road -- HARD!

I am still in Boston, but will be back doing my regular blogging this weekend, along with photos from some of my best finds in this city and on Cape Cod.

But I must confess that the one healthy-foodie thing I have still to master is how not to gain weight while on the road. Inevitably, I will return with a few extra pounds. I'll get rid of them, but as the years go on it gets harder to do so. When traveling I don't exercise anything like as much as I do at home, and I eat way too many foods that we just don't have around the house.\

Today (8/13) USA Today has an article about this very thing: how to not blow your diet while traveling. See the Life section. My problem with the writer's approach, however, is that she only lists the healthier choices at fast-food restaurants. Sorry if it is snobby, but we just don't eat at those places.

If anyone has ideas for how to conquer this beast, please post!

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