Saturday, August 15, 2009

Seafood on the New England coast

We're just back from Boston and Cape Cod, where we had wonderful seafood--such a healthy choice! Our favorite find is called the Summer Shack, which has two locations in Boston (Back Bay and Cambridge). The Back Bay one was right across the street from our hotel, the Sheraton. We ended up eating there 4 times, mostly for lunch, in our 6 days in Beantown.

I also had some terrific swordfish, a fish that I never buy to cook at home. Apparently, swordfish is one of those large sea creatures that accumulates a lot of mercury, compared to smaller fish. And I've also heard that swordfish stocks have been decimated by significant over-fishing. So this was a guilty pleasure--but a pleasure nonetheless.

Above, left, is a simple grilled swordfish with veggie side dishes from Summer Shack. At right is a preparation atop rice with a fresh mango salsa from a restaurant on Martha's Vineyard.

One more seafood dish worth raving over: at a Back Bay resto called Sonsie, they made the most delicious grilled jumbo shrimp salad. The plate consisted of thin slices of canteloupe spread across it, with 4 large shrimp wrapped in prosciutto and grilled; also on the plate, a pile of baby arugula. All this was drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. I liked it so much one day at lunch, when we returned next night for dinner, I had to have it again! The photo I took was out of focus, or I'd show you that, too.
P.S. -- Despite those healthy seafood choices, I still gained a couple of pounds on the trip. Could be the lack of any real workouts. Or maybe the wine with lunch AND dinner almost every day. Or maybe the panna cotta and other desserts not usually on our menus. Oh well, back to being "good" on a more regular basis.

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