Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FAB Ferments: "Foods with Culture"

Here's something exotic (at least to me) that's healthy as all-get-out, tasty and supports a local food business (& therefore helps you be a locavore). Look for FAB Ferments products at many of our area's farmers markets. Cincinnati natives Jennifer De Marco and Jordan Aversman (pictured here at the Northside Market) make and sell lacto-fermented veggie products such as German-style sauerkraut with caraway, kimchi, spicy dill and curry krauts.
Check out their website for info about why lacto-fermented foods are so good for us. Then look for Jennifer and Jordan not only at the Northside Market but all around town--for instance, at Whole Foods in Hyde Park, Findlay Market downtown and the farmers markets in West Chester and College Hill.


  1. Just the other day, my mother was complaining that it was difficult to find fresh produce and Findlay Market is a long drive for her. She'll be glad to know there's a farmer's market up in West Chester.

    There's also Pipkin's Market ( http://pipkinsmarket.com ) in Blue Ash. It's a single store, not a farmer's market, but they specialize in produce and are open all week.

    Tech note: You're finally mastering hyperlinks!

    However, the address you put in for "West Chester" is http://www.blogger.com/westchestersfarmersmarket.com , which comes up as "HTTP 404 Not Found." I think you meant to put in http://westchestersfarmersmarket.com/ .

    Always click on your own links to check them.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! Sometimes blogspot sticks in the blogger part of the URL, for reasons I can't fathom. You're right, I should test every link.