Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great locavore dining: Chalk Food + Wine

From the menu -- a joyful read for the locavore foodie -- at Chalk, on Greenup Street in Covington:
"The menu is a collection of small plates inspired by local ingredients and local farms. Menu is created around the week's harvest."

We hadn't eaten at Chalk in quite some time, and finally got back there this weekend.
Many of the menu items say "house made" or "house cured," and words like "seasonal" and "local market" appear throughout. I also like that almost all the entrees tell the source of the main ingredient -- such as Fiedler Farms pork or Ed Hill Farm's chicken.

We tried everything from the house cured ham (pictured at top) with cocktails to garlic gnocchi with spring peas, fennel and lemon balm, spring mushroom salad, arctic char over soy beans and watercress (also pictured) to the chef's tasting menu -- 3 courses with wine for $40, including the bison steak shown in the photo.

PS--Yes, those are potato chips in the background of the first photo, with the house-cured ham. They brought those out with the cocktails, and we tried to minimize that indulgence.

Overall, a really good dining experience..........

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