Friday, May 28, 2010

On the Town

Here are a few shots from dinner at Local 127, the locavore-friendly, farm to table restaurant in downtown Cincinnati. The spot used to house Jean-Robert at Pigalle's.

The Waldorf Salad (top) was outstanding. Most such salads are heavy with mayo and totally unappealing. This used local bibb lettuce and crispy sliced apples; the best part though were the delicious toasted walnuts. A standout.

Below that is Chicken Two Ways, an entree that a fellow diner had. (That would be Dan Birdsong, a faithful reader and Political Science PhD at UC. Hi Dan!)
Finally, my scallops entree is the bottom photo.

It was a retirement dinner for a fellow professor -- a political science colleague of my husband's -- and the meal definitely was a hit with all.


  1. Don't use a flash. It's rude.

  2. Everything at Local 127 was excellent! And Tonic on 4th (next door) has an outstanding and extensive Bourbon selection.

    What an evening!