Monday, May 10, 2010

Tea with substance aka bubble tea

There's a tiny restaurant in Clifton Heights called Tea and Bowl , a rather odd name for a Chinese restaurant with a specialty in all kinds of bubble tea.
I'd seen bubble tea here and there but hadn't tried it until today, when my brother and I popped in for lunch.
The menu lists dozens of variations and flavors of five basic styles, all of which share the "bubbles," marble-size pieces of tapioca that line the bottom of the glass. The five styles are basic, flavored cold tea; the same but made with milk; blended versions with ice, called "snow"; and hot tea and milk.
Actually, that sounds complicated, and it is rather hard to describe.
I tried the mango tea, no milk, pictured at left, while my brother had the almond snow. We liked both but especially his snow.
There's probably too much sugar in these drinks to make them a healthy choice, but our server did say she could make them without sugar.

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  1. bubble tea! yum yum~ the almond snow sounds really good~ but mango is always my favorite!