Sunday, July 25, 2010

New menu at Boca -- but one other change cries out to be made!

We had a splendid dinner last night at my husband's favorite Cincinnati restaurant, the marvelous Boca. I'll post details soon, but for now just wanted to mention that the restaurant debuted a new menu this week with some outstanding choices.
They kept two of the most popular starters -- their Caesar salad (with grilled romaine) and the signature diver scallops with caramelized Brussels sprouts -- but revamped just about everything else.

The only disappointment is the tired dessert menu. According to one of the staffers, they've had the same 5-6 desserts for EIGHT YEARS. I've had every one of them at least once, and given that dessert is included in both of the prix-fixe menus, diners have no choice but to order one of them again. My "Boca negra" (a cold, dense disk of dark chocolate) was just about inedible.
Really this is not excusable at such an otherwise flawless high-end restaurant.

But having vented about that, with my next post I'll share what was special about the evening (virtually everything BUT dessert....).

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