Monday, July 26, 2010

Grilled Caesar Salad, Halibut with Shaved BlackTruffles & Additional Foodie Marvels

We always have the grandest time at Boca, and last Saturday was no exception.
First, a cocktail at the bar -- from their short but intriguing list of house cocktails -- and then we settled in the dining room.
The restaurant offers only fixed-price meals -- either two or three courses, plus dessert. Hubby did three, I did two, which ended up meaning he got a plate of pasta with white clam sauce and I did not.
One of the holdovers from the old menu is the Caesar salad, made special because of the grilled romaine and a slice of delicious grilled bread. I asked for light dressing but still got too much, and only ate about half the salad. (I really dislike lettuce drowned in sauce.)
He had a very nice raw-tuna salad -- next time, I'd order it instead. (Second photo)
He also opted for the halibut cooked sous vide -- the latest in trendy preparations -- with shaved truffles on top. Something carnivorous came over me and I ordered a steak, yummy of course but quite a heavy dish with its sauces.
With wines to accompany most dishes, it added up to a fine evening, although a pricey one, as expected. We don't go that often, so we can justify the cost-- plus, it was his birthday.
The staff treats you very well at Boca, making it our favorite Cincinnati night of fine dining.

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