Friday, April 13, 2012

Whatever happened to food blogs?

At least the local foodie blogs (in Cincinnati) have dwindled. People get tired of doing it, I guess. It certainly hasn't brought me riches or fame, and yet I still plug away with postings at least a couple of times a week. This blog started almost three years ago (!) and has never made a dime.

Here is a place to look for other folks who still carry the flag, sharing their passion for all things edible.


  1. Keep up the Foodie Flag!

  2. oh the ebb and flow of food blogs. there are so many out there it has gotten a little ridiculous! it is nice to see that your blog, a cincinnati one, focuses on health and adds something different to the local blogosphere.

    your blog has a well balanced mix of health news, recipes, reviews, is interspersed with personal stories, and is updated frequently enough but not too much to be hard to keep up with. cheers!

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