Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cocktails at Tonic (127 W. 4th Street downtown)

OMG, what a magnificant selection of drinks you'll find at Tonic, where every mixing ingredient in your cocktail is made in-house from fresh ingredients. The menu headings read "Classical," "Classic Punches," "Neo-Classical Originals" and "New Punches." Note that all the punches are made for multiple drinkers, two at a minimum. My husband and I tried two classical or neo-classical creations each. His favorite was the special of the night, Seelbach (bourbon, house-made bitters and I did not record the other ingredients). I loved the Liberal Liberal (bourbon, sweet vermouth, amaro and house-made orange bitters--in photo) and was pretty darn fond of my second drink, the Jequitaba Sour (rum, lemon, sugar, eggwhite and house floral bitters). There's a tiny menu of snacks and small plates, but after that much booze--no ice in any of the drinks to dilute the effects--we had to slip next door to Local 127 for something a little more substantial.

It will take several visits to work our way through the dozen and a half cocktails, and we'll have to bring some friends with us so we can try the punches.

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