Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the road again

I'm back in the "old north state"--that's North Carolina to most of y'all. Today we're heading to one of my favorite foodie places in the US of A -- Chapel Hill.
Stories and photos to come!


  1. Hello Pama. Nice meeting you on the flight back from Raleigh Durham. So where are your favorite places to eat in Chapel Hill? So far our favorite is Crooks Corner, although that is technically in Carrboro.

  2. Hey, isn't that a coincidence? I just blogged about Crooks Corner, where we had brunch on Sunday. It is my #1 CH restaurant although there are so many good ones. We also think Lantern is way up there. But to tell you the truth, I have not been there recently enough to speak authoratatively. Meanwhile, I also blogged about two good Durham places, so check that out. And try Local 127 in Cincinnati! I'm not going to get to your blog tonight--just too much catching up to do with everything before school tomorrow--but I will soon. Thanks for posting a comment!