Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dinner in 15 minutes -- healthy and tasty, too

On one of my long work days, I don't have time for cooking "from scratch," but we also don't bring cooked food home very often. What's a healthy foodie to do?

Here is one reason why Trader Joe's is my favorite grocery store: their specialty in what a NY Times article once reported as "convenience foods for gourmets."

The first photo shows the products that made our dinner: two grocery shelf Indian dishes (both vegetarian) and frozen brown rice. I added some fresh broccoli.

Steam the broccoli while you microwave the three other dishes, and voila! Photo #2. I topped the brocccoli with one of the Indian dishes (a spicy eggplant and tomato mixture) and put the second dish (less spicy-vegetables in a creamy sauce) atop the rice. Seriously, it was 15 minutes from photo #1 to photo #2. For a heartier appetite, add some nan bread--also sold at my favorite food store. Enjoy!

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