Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner entrees

In addition to an ahi appetizer, we tried various fish entrees at Mitchell's in Newport. It's a regional chain, based in Columbus, that's grown to 19 locations. The one we visited at Newport on the Levee does a booming business. (As my husband quipped, "there's no recession in this room.")

Saturday 10/17 the foodie highlights were a dinner special (walnut-encrusted salmon, top, served with butternut squash risotto and baby zucchini) that my aunt & uncle split. The photo is of a half portion, which was plenty, especially considering the richness of the dish. My swordfish was, sadly, overcooked and made a dull photo anyway so I'm not including it. But my husband's steelhead with rice and veggies, bottom, was a big hit. We had not heard of steelhead--it looks exactly like salmon but tastes milder, more like trout.

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