Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scary stuff about "the fishing-industrial complex"

Healthy foodies: don't miss this cover story from The New Republic. In keeping with the style the magazine has been following for decades, the article has a punning headline that might work for you, or not. But the story about the worldwide depletion of the oceans' fish is no laughing matter. Check it out at http://www.tnr.com/article/environment-energy/aquacalypse-now?page=0,0 [What follows are a few excerpts]

Aquacalypse Now:
The End of Fish

"Fish are in dire peril, and, if they are, then so are we....

"[But] the difficulty lies in forcing the fishing-industrial complex to catch fewer fish so that populations can rebuild.
"It is essential that we do so as quickly as possible because the consequences of an end to fish are frightful. To some Western nations, an end to fish might simply seem like a culinary catastrophe, but for 400 million people in developing nations, particularly in poor African and South Asian countries, fish are the main source of animal protein....
The truth is that governments are the only entities that can prevent the end of fish."

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  1. Unthinkable! Time for a global "Boston Fish Party" to protest the Aquacalypse Now!