Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trying a new restaurant downtown

The restaurant in question is in the space that used to be Jean-Robert at Pigall's, Local 127. It's at 127 W. 4th Street downtown and looks much the same as when it was the city's most upscale, fine-dining destination, but the food & wine concept and execution are quite different. I was hearing a lot of great buzz about the new place after it has been up and running for only a couple of weeks, so we had to hurry on down and give it a try.
My husband and I went with two other wine-and-food-loving couples, and we had one heckuva feast. After all is said and done, I can confidently say we all give it an enthusiastically positive review.

NOTE: Their web address appears to be just a placeholder--no content there when I looked.

Highlights? First was the pre-appetizer, a sampling of one thing that makes the restaurant unique: a selection of cured and pickled dishes for the table to share (pictured). Most were meat-based, and my favorites were a smoked trout concoction and the leanest pork-belly preparation I've ever tried. (Um, yes, pork belly is not normally on the healthy foodie's fork, but we do make exceptions--or at least, I do.) One of the best things I tried was the squash soup; the touch that made it memorable was a garnish of crispy slivers of garlic. I also loved my halibut entree. Those were healthy choices, at least.
The wine list is extensive without being overwhelming, and it was fun to go with enough people that we got to try several bottles.
Opening THIS WEEK next door is a fab-sounding cocktail lounge, TONIC. They're bringing in a couple of renowned mixologists to create some delicious cocktails. See you there!

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