Friday, June 10, 2011

Craft Cocktails a Highlight at "Eat Local for the Globe"

Molly Wellmann with Woodstone Creek Vodka
We may all have melted at Findlay Market's fundraiser if not for Molly Wellmann's refreshing, from-scratch cocktails. Although the temperature was at or above 90 all evening -- the event ran from 6 - 9 PM -- Molly juiced countless citrus fruits and mixed Norwood's own Woodstone Creek vodka with many other interesting ingredients to cool us all down while we sampled food treats from several of Findlay Market's vendors. In the photo, Molly is holding a bottle of this locally distilled vodka. (Check out the Woodstone Creek website to see the other liquors they make, and find out where you can buy some.)
Her Summer Breeze was based on grapefruit juice and lavender,  Johnny Iced Tea had fresh apple juice among its ingredients, and (my favorite) China Garden combined cucumber juice and lychee nuts with some of that local vodka.
Beyond the cocktails, we liked a bison ribeye salad from Fresh Table best of the several food choices. Dojo Gelato also had an interesting "float" with fermented pineapple (from Fab Ferments) and basil gelato.
Pretzel Bites

Vietnamese Sandwiches

Molly's Table

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