Thursday, June 16, 2011

Healthy, delicious dining in Atlanta

Highlights from a short trip to Atlanta: Seasons 52 and Iberian Pig. 
Seasons 52 is a small, newish chain with a decidedly healthy orientation to dining. Their twist: every dish on the menu is 475 calories or less -- or so they claim. And it's a really varied and interesting menu, worth checking out. Click here for a taste of what they offer.
In addition to two Atlanta-area locations, they're also in FLorida, Texas, California, New Jersey and a couple of other locations, the closest of which to me is in Indianapolis.
I managed to hit both Atlanta locations, by chance, for lunch two days in a row. The best thing I tried was this excellent ravioli filled with goat cheese and enhanced by roasted garlic and fresh tomatoes. It was filling, light and delicious.

The other restaurant of note was Iberian Pig in Decatur, just to the east of the city of Atlanta. I'd been there a few months ago and it was soooo good, I had to get back there. It did not disappoint! The Spanish menu offers tapas portions as well as larger plates, and while it seems heavy on the meat/sausage (not my thing), I was able to find plenty of good veggie and seafood options.
Pictured are the fabulous Marcona Ensalada, my friend's octopus (tapas portion), and my whimsical, exotic-veggie laden Quinoa y Verduras.

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