Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gourmet-to-Go at the Market

Cincinnati's historic Findlay Market draws hundreds (thousands?) of shoppers every weekend, especially in the growing season, for the farm-fresh produce and top-quality meats and cheeses. It's also home to an array of fine bakeries, from artisan bread-makers Blue Oven Bakery to the gourmet pastries of Skirtz and Johnston, among several others.
But you can also find a nice selection fully-cooked, wonderful dishes that need only to be reheated (or served cold), as well as entrees and side dishes that require just a little bit of extra work.
For instance, Bouchon sells this array of raviolis, pastas and pasta sauces -- everything from the luxe crab and lobster ravioli to the vegan black bean ravioli.
Pasta and sauces at Bouchon, inside Findlay Market
  Grandma Debbie's Kitchen, which I've blogged about before, has everything from a selection of salads (chicken salad, bean salad, rice salad and so on) to unusual meats (I bought a stuffed lamb roast for Easter dinner) and soups and stews.
Grandma Debbie's roasted sweet potatoes/beets (C)
My favorite gourmet-to-go at Findlay Market, though, is Fresh Table.
A few of their offerings are in the final three photos.

Panko-coated chicken (front) and Gazpacho

I bought some of the cous-cous salad, back left

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